A Voice of Comfort

If you could sing, what song would console you,

what song would bring you peace?

Music is a basic universal language that can comfort and uplift

in times of sorrow.

Blue butterfly with flower

The pain of loss binds us all in a uniquely human experience.

Losing a loved one throws us into the abyss of loneliness, sadness, anger and disbelief.

We come face to face with heartache, which seems never-ending..

As a professional singer I have helped hundreds of families with choosing songs to honor, celebrate and remember their loved ones. Letting go is a difficult process and music can make it more bearable.

Music as sound and rhythm, is our constant companion through

Joy and Tears

Sadness and Happiness

Fullness and Emptiness.

Even as a baby, we hear our mother’s voice and feel her heartbeat. Throughout our lives we experience and make music of our own. One could say that we are all part of the Symphony of Sound and Silence.

All that could ever be spoken can be sung as well. Any poem, any prayer, and any story can be put to music and delivered straight to your heart. 

An ancient proverb tells us: “One who sings well, prays twice”.

I believe it. Let’s pray together. Twice. Kasia

Music is Universal

Apostle Paul instructed us to “sing together psalms, hymns and spiritual songs” (cf. Col 3:16). “Sing unto the Lord with the harp” suggests Psalm 98:5. 

Every religion considers sung prayer as a heightened form of prayer, a special kind of offering, elevated, flowing faster to God.

Singing is the sign of the heart’s joy” (cf. Acts 2:46)

Similarly, music and songs accompany every milestone and every ceremony of our lives, marking them with our traditions and a sense of belonging. So when the Ultimate Silence of death claims a loved one, those songs will accompany us, they will bind us together in a new way.

As you are preparing to celebrate and memorialize your lost loved one, spend some time selecting the songs that will most comfort and console those who are gathered together. Review the list of suggested song titles, and also listen to samples of performances that represent what I can make possible.

I will work with your funeral director to integrate the musical selections into the overall program. To contact me directly, please call me at 978-821-1064 and if you get my voice mail, leave a message so that I may return your call as soon as possible.